Chic Cover-ups | Seacoast Weddings 2016

Source: Keeping Cozy with Chic Cover-ups – Seacoast Weddings

By Malinda Macari, Owner of Your Dream Bridal

Henry Longfellow once said: “love keeps the cold out better than a cloak,” and I would agree. While staying warm may not be a concern when you get engaged in May, by the time January rolls around, you may want something to keep the chill away. An added bonus? With cover-ups, a subtle change from ceremony to reception will give you two unique looks to flaunt on your wedding day.

If chosen properly with your gown in mind, a beautiful shawl or delicate sweater can accentuate the shape and details of the dress. As a New Year’s Day bride myself, I had a lovely strapless dress but realized that I may get cold during pictures. I searched for something I could easily take on and off throughout the evening and hopefully wear long after my wedding day. In a small Boston boutique, I found a short, shimmery blazer that complemented my fuller gown and accentuated my waistline. Since then it has become a staple in my wardrobe and a classic piece I will always love wearing.

For those of you that have winter wedding nuptials in your future, here are a few beautiful options for a flawless look that will accentuate, not hide, that stunning wedding gown. And remember with gowns being so many different versions of white or ivory, your cover-up doesn’t have to match exactly. Sometimes your coverup could be your pop of color!

Blazers give a tailored twist to any gown, particularly those with flirty details like ruffles or chiffon. Offsetting a contoured top with a more playful design can play to a bride’s edgier side. Add a little sparkle to your big day by choosing sequins or opt for a crisp white blazer for a sophisticated and tailored look.

Tulle shawls, with a naturally ethereal nature adds romance to more structured gowns. The transparent fabric lends well to photos and won’t hide the design of your dress. This also complements a backless dress, giving the same illusion of romanticism without taking away from the design.

Sleeved lace can provide coverage to beautiful corset bodices or sweetheart necklines, by adding a pop of texture without overshadowing the simplicity of more conservative design. Opt for one that opens in the front, showing off a plunging neckline. Or, consider slipovers that clasp in the back, and cover the entire chest – they are a beautiful modern take on a more conservative style.

Cotton/cashmere sweaters complement a sweetheart neckline as well as fuller ball gowns. Channel your inner Kate Middleton and pair a fun white angora bolero with your gown for a flirty reception look. Choose a simple upper clasp or a side wrap for added elegance. This is another opportunity to add a pop of subtle color into your wedding-day wardrobe while staying warm. You have the freedom to highlight your wedding colors or to match it to your bridesmaid’s dresses by choosing a softer version for your cover-up.

Many independent boutiques on Etsy that specialize in bridal accessories will offer cover-up options and, of course, a local fashion boutique might have something especially as the holidays approach. With sizing, order it in the size you typically wear for a shirt. Be sure to order at least 2-3 months in advance in case any alterations or customizations are needed.

Embrace the beauty of New England weather by incorporating a chic cover-up into your special day!