Designer Spotlight: Rebecca Schoneveld

Rebecca Schoneveld is a company of women dedicated to lifting up the spirits of other women. One very practical way they do that is by offering Rebecca Schoneveld wedding dresses in a full range of sizes (00-30) with NO additional charges for where the measuring tape falls. Yes, it does actually cost more to develop and show designs in such a diverse range, but they believe in fit vs a number. No woman should feel penalized for her gorgeous curves.

How would you describe your style? Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs?

I am very classical. I love the design that doesn’t go out of style – think Christian Dior, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Yves Saint Laurent, the original Chanel, and Ralph Lauren. I love to comb through vintage fashion (the Met has an amazing online archive!) and I always draw inspiration from my textile research. I’m obsessed with fabric. But as “white collar” as classical fashion can feel sometimes, I’m also a socialist – it makes me ill to recognize the inequality this world suffers from. I grew up very poor and know first hand how deeply that struggle runs. So I don’t appreciate clothes that are unnecessarily expensive. It’s worth it to pay more for something that is beautifully and fairly made, but it’s an entirely different thing to pay more just for a fancy label!

I also don’t appreciate clothes that a person can’t really LIVE in – like sleeves that I can’t wear while washing dishes. I love sundresses, a great floral print, the perfect jeans and white tee, and thoughtful accessories made by friends. Part of the reason I love classical designs is that I hate waste. Sometimes I can feel like something is no longer worth keeping just because the design feels tired. I recently moved up to New York’s Hudson Valley and am in love with the aesthetic of the local artisan scene! Natural dyes and fibers, but modern silhouettes, locally crafted clothes, home goods, and accessories – it’s great to be so close to this current movement in fashion!