JESUS PEIRO at Your Dream Bridal

Based in Sudbury, Mass just outside of Boston (only a 35-minute ride west of Boston) Your Dream Bridal is the US’s largest, stockist of JESUS PEIRO wedding dresses. Visit our unique bridal showroom to view our selection of JESUS PEIRO beautifully crafted pieces. As their largest stockist, it’s safe to say that this brand holds a very special place in the shop. Brides travel to our boutique for their beautifully made gowns, couture quality fabrics, and impeccable workmanship.

The sophistication of the line, the harmony in the interplay of volumes and textiles, the superb care of the finish, always carried out by hand, the exclusive adornments, and an elegant and refined style make up the identity of JESUS PEIRO.


Jesus Peiro Barcelona Atelier

Since 1988, JESUS PEIRO has been devoted exclusively to dressing brides. Under a philosophy based on the demand for quality, all dresses from the JESU PEIRO are designed and made entirely in Spain, creating collections where the quality of the finish, close to that of haute couture, is the keynote.

The JESUS PEIRO brand philosophy is based on the philosophy of Jesús Diez Betriu, one of the firm’s founders and the present owner. Jesús has set himself high standards throughout his career and he has aimed to create a brand with its own identity and a style different from other companies.

The Company is today a leader in bridal fashion, thanks to its capacity for teamwork and its founder’s obsession with professionalism: this has enabled the company to constantly renovate and grow both in Spain and abroad. The immutable is the essence and not the structure.

ABOUT Merché Segarra

The JESUS PEIRO collections, designed by Merché Segarra, are conceived for a woman who is demanding in terms of product quality, who values elegance, follows new trends, and who wishes to wear a bridal gown with its own identity.

Designer of Jesus Peiro and Owner of Jesus Peiro
Merché Segarra and Jesús Diez Betriu

Women and the modern world they live in are her sources of inspiration. She loves being able to create something both useful and aesthetic. Wedding dresses are very special garments that can only partially reflect the fashion trends of each season. However, the designer ensures that these are in evidence to create an “updated classic” style that identifies the Jesus Peiro brand and merges all the elements to create novel proposals for each collection.

Designer of Jesus Peiro with her team

A little Q&A with Merché Segarra

Q. How did you get into designing bridal and how long have you worked for JESUS PEIRO?

When I started my professional life, I came into contact with the world of the atelier and collections that were developed according to the customers’ needs. It’s when I made my first wedding dresses. Years later, when the owner of JESUS PEIRO, Jesús Diez Betriu asked me to design their collections, I was fully introduced to the world of wedding gowns. I’ve been with the company for 18 years now.

Q. How would you describe the design aesthetic of JESUS PEIRO and who is your bride?

It’s a classic aesthetic, with references to contemporary fashion. A renewed classic that’s defined by the use of excellent, high-quality materials, handcrafted finishes, and very essential lines. Our bride is cosmopolitan, she loves elegance, the apparent simplicity of our designs, and their high quality.

Q. Where is the company based and tell us about the quality of how the garments are made.

The company’s headquarters are located in Viladecans, a town near Barcelona. We distribute our products across the globe from these facilities. Our products are 100% made in Spain, in fact, we are the only company in the sector with the “Origen España” quality seal. The quality control is very rigorous. That’s because certain parts of the garments are always hand-made. We strive to offer this excellence in all of the brand’s dresses.

Q. How much do fashion trends of the moment influence your designs?

They have an overall influence. It’s important that we include them in the volumes, selection of fabrics, and development of the aesthetics that make up the collection’s personality, like accessories and special embellishments. That’s one of our distinguishing features in the industry.

Q. Where else do you get your inspiration?

Often, cultural events, travel, or certain individuals attract attention. Inspiration is always different, every season it surprises you and if it surprises you when you’re already working on the next collection, that’s even better…

Q. What is the theme for the upcoming 2021 collection?

Our new collection is called Amalia. It shows us a contemporary woman, eco-sensitive, connected to her surroundings, a lover of nature, and doing good work. A woman between two worlds, the technological one in the future and the one with an artisanal past that adds value and elegance. A modern, poetic, and magical woman. She has been our muse.

Q. What kind of fabrics do you like to work with?

All of them, in fact, the collection has a very wide variety of types. Nevertheless, the brand is certainly known for and identified with dresses with refined and elegant lines in their different styles, both in volume and in simpler lines, and they are created with satin, mikado, taffeta, and crêpe. However, adornments are very present; embroidered fabrics on tulle touches of chantilly, lace, and delicate beaded fabrics. Jacquard fabrics are exceptionally semi-smooth to round off a very wide range of textures, and we certainly have to mention the essential presence of tulle.

Q. What trends do you see for upcoming weddings in 2021 and 2022?

I think that the flowing crêpe dresses, sleeves in all their variations, and garments that complement and transform the dresses, such as capes, over trains, and overskirts, will continue to be very important. I think that glitter will remain very present as well as the combination of contrasting materials. Romantic lines, however, will take center stage as well as a more functional type of bride. A bride who looks for comfort and versatility of the garments, more flexible and matching ideas. A wide and very appealing selection.

Q. JESUS PEIRO sells all over the world are there specific looks for different markets?

There are dresses that are designed with the knowledge that certain markets are more responsive to buying them, and we try to spread them evenly throughout the collection. This makes the brand much more versatile and helps us to keep growing. The strong personality of the product allows us to develop different types of dresses without losing the style that we are known for.