Justin Alexander Signature Spring 2020 Launch

The Justin Alexander Signature Spring/Summer 2020 collection was inspired by the transformative nature of spring. Spring promises new beginnings and this season’s styles reflect that. The collection begins with modern, clean styling and starts anew with a romantic patchwork floral story which then leads to a large floral lace motif, finally building to embroidered florals. This collection illustrates a fresh, youthful, fashion-forward approach to bridal. 

Justin Alexander Signature Spring Trends

A Floral Story

Spring promises new beginnings and these styles reflect that. Fall in love with our romantic floral wedding dresses.

Modern Edge

When it comes to your wedding, make a sleek statement with modern seaming.

Skirt Drama

Everyone likes a little drama now and then, especially when it involves a wedding dress. So go on, be as dramatic as you want.