Personalize Your Bridal Look

Now that you have found Your Dream Bridal Dress, customizing your bridal look is all about You. So many brides we work with a focus on the dress, but once that is found, they don’t know how to complete their look. Here are some ideas to get stylist inspired images flowing.

Vintage: Love vintage or have a treasured heirloom you want to have with you when you say “I do”? You can incorporate these into your bridal attire in so many ways. A bouquet wrap is a simple way to incorporate a cherished piece of fabric or add an unexpected pop of color. Trimming your veil in vintage lace or with the fabric of a relative’s wedding dress is also a beautiful way to honor tradition and heighten your bridal look.

Veils: The quintessential bridal accessory has evolved a lot from your grandmother’s. With so many options in length, material, and color, the veil choices are endless. After the dress, your veil is the most important choice in personalizing your wedding style. Many modern brides love the alluring look of a veil that partially covers their faces. Additionally, you can play with veil locations in your hair, at the nape of your neck, at the crown of your head or off center for a fascinator-like look.

Hair Accessories: Whether you plan to wear your hair up or down, hair accessories are a gorgeous way to top off your look. For a bohemian vibe, floral crowns or a single bloom tucked into your hair are very whimsical. For a more exotic touch, forehead bands bring a royal quality without a full-on tiara. An intricate, multi-strand headpiece is a very romantic, soft touch that brings just the right amount of luxury to your look. There are endless options for hair accessories!

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Belting and Bling: Whether you want to wear lots of diamonds or just simple pearl earrings, introducing jewelry into your look is a classic choice. One option I see so many brides devouring is belting. Accentuating your waist and adding just the right amount of sparkle compliments so many dresses gorgeously.

Sew Ins: When you are having alterations completed on your dress, consider the option of adding a special trinket or piece of fabric inside your dress. Your “something blue” could be a piece of ribbon from the first gift your fiancé gave you or a treasured trinket from your grandmother. Whatever the memento, having it sew into your dress adds an element of your unique personality and will give you just that much more confidence as you walk down the aisle. It’s also fun to reveal to your husband on your wedding night!

I would love to help you accessorize your bridal look to ensure your unique personality glows on your wedding day. With one-on-one accessory appointments, where you can try on veils and belts, we can work together to find just the right options and accessories to perfect your bridal look. Let’s personalize that perfect Dream Dress.

xo, Malinda