Truvelle at Your Dream Bridal

Truvelle has been a signature collection at Your Dream Bridal, just 35 minutes west of Boston, for the past 5 years. Designed for real women, Truvelle is about giving modern ladies alternative options to the traditional wedding gown. They create made-to-order dresses with a heavy emphasis on design, fit, and quality. With unconventional elements and a whole lot of effortlessness, their gowns are designed for the confident, easy-going bride. Because above all, a bride should feel as good as she looks.


From scratch, Truvelle creates made-to-order wedding dresses, with a heavy emphasis on design, fit, and quality. All of our patterns are handcrafted and perfected, our carefully chosen fabric is individually hand-cut, and each gown has a story.


A childhood spent in her mum’s custom dress shop, Truvelle’s founder, Gaby, started Truvelle after noticing brides were looking for something a little less expected. From a girl and a sewing machine, Truvelle now employs 25+ and operates in a 9000 sq ft studio space in Vancouver’s East Hastings neighborhood. With all departments operating under the same roof, they maintain a small company vibe while proudly remaining Vancouver-based. Offering more than just fuss-free wedding dresses, Truvelle is about that fresh, minimal aesthetic for the new, modern bride.

Truvelle wedding dress founder gaby

A Little Q&A with Gaby

Q.Describe the Truvelle bride.

I like to think of our bride as cool, kind, and laid back. She’s pretty in a really effortless way and, while she’s not too outspoken, she’ll always have something witty ready in her back pocket. When it comes to her wedding, it’s all about the subtle, thoughtful details.

Q.Your story is so inspiring. Tell us how you got started! 

My mom had a custom bridal shop growing up so I grew up in the wedding industry. When I decided to branch out onto my own, I started as a one-woman-show, doing everything from design to taking bridal appointments out of my living room. Etsy definitely helped us grow in the first year and got the Truvelle name out there. Slowly, I hired one person, then a few more, and now have an incredible team of 30 staff. We definitely don’t fit in my apartment anymore but are proud to carry on the same, mindful production process of handcrafting wedding dresses on a made-to-order basis from our local Garment Studio in Vancouver’s creative Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Everything from design to final stitch is done within these four walls, keeping our team connected, every part of our process, and our brides.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the collection?

I love to travel and would be lying if I said the different places I’ve seen and people I meet don’t inspire + motivate me. I try to capture that in our collection of look books by finding epic hidden spots in little corners of the world. I’ve always looked to other brands and businesses outside of bridal too; there are so many creatives doing cool things. I like to think of them all as my peers and we can learn so much from each other. Our team also makes a big effort to keep closely connected with our brides and stay super receptive to what they’re looking for, so that feedback definitely comes into play when designing new collections.

Q. What aspect of the design process do you love most? 

It’s funny — making dress patterns used to be something I really disliked, but lately, it’s turned into my favorite thing. It’s really rewarding to see things go from paper to dress + I’ve learned to love the problem solving required when something doesn’t fit quite right.

Q. What’s your best advice for a young woman entrepreneur? 

My mantra has always been to just start something, even it’s not perfect, because oftentimes being fussy can cause something to never get completed. However, the advice I’m giving myself right now is: if somebody says that you don’t know what you’re doing because you’re young, then prove them wrong.