Prepare to find your dream wedding dress.

If you’re like most newly engaged ladies, you may be overwhelmed at the idea of all the things that come along with planning a wedding. Who can blame you, it really is a lot to accomplish, but to us, the day you find your Dream dress should be a day of relaxation and celebrating love, while we dote on the bride-to-be.

Of course, as with any other appointment, there are some preparations to be made to make your visit as smooth as it can be. Just think, the more items you check off this list, the better your experience will be and the higher of a chance that you will find your Dream dress in just one visit. And yes, it is possible to find your dress on your first try. It happens all the time.

Prior to your visit:

Establish a budget. For some brides, the sky is the limit and for others, it’s all about the dollar amount. Either way is perfectly okay, but it is imperative that you know your limits. *Also keeping in mind alteration costs.

Browse designers, collections and different styles. Consider your venue, theme and color scheme that you are envisioning for your day. Using social media tools, such as Pinterest, can also be a tremendous help in visualizing your day.

Leave yourself enough time to order. We recommend shopping and purchasing seven or more months before your wedding day to order and alter the dress. But do not panic if you are less than seven months away. We can rush order your gown, depending on season/designer/gown/etc or some designers we carry have some sizes in stock which means getting the dress in a few weeks vs. months.

Assemble your posse. Whether it be your mom, your sister, your maid-of-honor—whoever you want to share this special moment with. Be sure to make the appointment when the key people you need to help you make a decision are available. Try to narrow it down to the opinions that matter most. Ultimately, however, it’s your opinion that matters most, so bring people who are supportive and know what you like.

Think about what will be under the gown, too. We recommend wearing undergarments that mimic those that you will wear on your wedding day. If you prefer to be more covered with a body-shaper or Spanx – go for it! Going light on the makeup, tanner, and jewelry before trying on white dresses is also a good practice. We usually prefer to have you try on dresses without a bra, but sometimes a strapless bra can be helpful. Heels aren’t necessary and easier left off, but if you want to get the full vision then bring a heel height you plan on wearing that day.

During your appointment:

Speak up! As the gorgeous fabrics and styles start to come out, we want your thoughts to come out. A good bridal consultant will create a private moment with you first and will want and need to hear your opinion of the gown in order to assist you. Always remember: You’re the bride. Your opinion and feeling is the one that matters most.

Relax and Have Fun! Gown shopping should not be a stressful experience. We’re here to help you (we love what we do, and we know what we’re doing!). Ask us questions as you have them—and be sure to step back and simply enjoy how amazing you look.

Say “Yes!” to your Dream dress. Often times we hear brides say, “I didn’t expect to find my dress today.” Well, then, expect the unexpected! Prepare to purchase your dream dress.

Buying your Dream dress is a huge decision, but if you’ve come into the store knowing your budget, knowing what you like (but keep an open mind, you just never truly know until you try it on), and you find a dress that you love—go with it! TV shows and movies often play up that brides put on dress after dress to find “the one.” But trying on a ton of gowns at a ton of shops usually only complicates and exhausts the decision-making process.

When you come into Your Dream Bridal, the shop belongs to you. Give us a call or book an appointment today. As always, join us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for all of your Dream wedding dress needs.