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“At Your Dream Bridal, I have been meeting with one bride at a time since before it was Covid-cool. My commitment to inclusivity and slow fashion guide me in everything I do. The shop vibe is for those looking to create their own modern, sophisticated, and elegant look. I wanted to create a wedding dress destination offering warmth and personal connection to everyone who walks through my door. By offering private appointments, and a curated collection of slow-fashion wedding gowns, trust that, together, we can create a look that feels good in your heart, on your body, and in the mirror.

– Malinda, Owner

Best of Boston Wedding Dresses Award Your Dream Bridal

"Every fairy-tale wedding needs a fairy godmother, and for you, that person might just be Malinda Macari at Your Dream Bridal. Her singular goal? To make each and every bride who sets foot inside her inviting Sudbury boutique feel special. Before meeting with you, Macari will review your wedding details and even your Pinterest board to get a sense of your vision. Then, she’ll work her magic in a private (and pressure-free) appointment, pulling from a curated collection of covetable dresses —no magic wand required." - Boston Weddings

Best Of Boston - 2019

"Bridal-gown stylists deal with a cross-section of the touchiest subjects: our relationships with our bodies, our closest family members, and our money. Your Dream Bridal’s Malinda Macari expertly guides you through that emotional minefield, landing you and your perfect gown—handpicked from designers such as Jesus Peiro and Truvelle—securely on the other side. The icing on the cake? Macari insists on booking just one client at a time, so you and your squad get the boutique all to yourselves, ensuring that the experience is both meaningful and safe." - Boston Weddings

Best of Boston - 2020

"At Your Dream Bridal, the dress-shopping experience is truly all about the bride. Owner Malinda Macari will work with you one-on-one in a 90-minute appointment to help you zero in on exactly what you’re looking for. Whatever that vision is, you’re guaranteed to find it among the racks of covetable gowns." Boston Weddings

Named "Best Local Shops to Find the One!"

First things first: it’s not just about the dress.

It’s about how you feel in the dress. It’s about what values it represents. And most of all, it’s about the fact that you found your person, and you deserve to be your most authentic, beautiful self on the day you begin your life together.

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Dream Brides

 This is how we do it.

1. Book

With just a few clicks, you can reserve the boutique with a private appointment online. Before your visit, explore my dress selection online and complete your style quiz so that we can make the most of your time at the shop.

2. Learn

At your appointment, you’ll have the entire boutique, and me, to yourself. We’ll start by discussing your budget, wedding date, and vision. Next, I’ll share some insights about how to find the right dress. Up to five guests can get comfy on the sofas and prepare to support and celebrate you. We also have a Zoom wall to allow long-distance VIPs to join in the fun.

3. Try

Before you arrive, I will preselect 4-5 dresses as a starting point. You’ll have the chance to select gowns to try as well. I’ll ask questions to help you figure out how you feel in each as we zero in on what you care about and how to create the look that will make you feel like your most beautiful self on your wedding day.

Tip: Still nervous about trying on dresses before working with me? Visit a bridal department store before coming to Your Dream Bridal, just to get a sense of different shapes and get out your jitters.

4. Solve

When you find the dress, it’s easy – as silly as it may sound, you’ll just know. Trust yourself! We can also customize your gown to make sure it’s exactly what you are dreaming of—for example, making a neckline more modest or mixing the bodice of one style gown with the skirt of another style gown. If you need a veil or accessories, I can help with that too.

5. Fit

Next, it’s time for measurements, paperwork, and a celebratory photo. I follow up with pictures of you in your dress and supply fabric swatches whenever possible. If you need recommendations for other wedding vendors, I’ve got you covered. When the gown arrives at the shop, you come in to pop it on quickly, confirm that everything is as it should be, and take it home!

6. Wow

The best part of all— you celebrate your wedding day feeling confident, comfortable, and beautiful in a one-of-a-kind gown that was made for you.

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I’ve been called magical, a fairy godmother, and a wedding dress whisperer, but you can call me Malinda.

I've been doing the one-bride-at-a-time thing since before it was Covid-cool. I'm not fancy, but I like fancy things. You can trust me to be real with you no matter what. My commitments to inclusivity and slow fashion guide me in everything I do. And, I believe that when you’re buying a dress that costs more than your ring, you should have the right to make it your own.