3 Dress Shopping Rules for Guests

So your BFF just asked you to join her wedding dress shopping entourage and, of course, you couldn’t be more excited! Well, even if you aren’t, you had better act as if you are. If someone has chosen you to help them select the single most important dress they will ever wear, then it’s safe to say they value your opinion and that you are an important person in their life.

With this privilege, there are some rules to follow to make sure you are still invited to a wedding down the road.

  1. It’s not your wedding. Whether you are married, are engaged to be married, or never intend to walk down the aisle, you are not the focus of the day. Keep in mind the bride-to-be’s taste, history, and style since you have known them. Support the “I just wanted to try it’s” and the “I’ve been staring at this online for months” pleas. Always give positive advice before negative. Even then, be kind.
  2. Watch the bride’s body language. If your friend comes out of the dressing room beaming brighter than a 100-watt bulb, it’s safe to say she loves the dress. Now telling her you don’t like it or asking her questions that question if she likes it is a no-no. Even if you aren’t in love with the look and you can plainly see that she is, support her.
  3. It’s all about the bride. This may sound similar to number one and that’s because it is. It couldn’t be more important. The bride trusts you to give her the best, most honest advice possible, but without dashing her dreams, and that is a pretty big honor. With honor comes sacrifice. You should look at it though as if there really is no sacrifice involved in your friend’s happiness triumphs.

Support, love, and celebrate your friend’s love! That really is all that is important when it comes to a wedding anyway, isn’t it? You do and have loved this pal for long enough now that she is beautiful in anything she slips into, now isn’t she? You’re getting our point I think. Love and be loved.