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Personalized service and customizable, slow fashion gowns for brides who want to be uniquely stunning on their wedding day.  

You’re smart, savvy, and do your homework when it comes to important decisions.

Why not approach shopping for your wedding dress the same way?

It’s not about the champagne, it doesn’t have to be a (Capital E) Experience, and you don’t need to visit a dozen shops. What you need are a gut check and a guide. That’s where I come in.

When you visit Your Dream Bridal, you can feel confident that you’ve stepped into a safe space where you’ll be heard and treated with respect and care. Not only will you have a private appointment with me, Malinda, but you’ll also have the entire boutique to yourself.

By asking the right questions, we’ll zero in on precisely what you want, even if you’re feeling confused. You’ll learn which dress will help you feel and look your best. It’s more than shopping— it’s essential bridal education.

At Your Dream Bridal, you’ll only find made-to-measure, sustainably created gowns featuring high-quality fabrics and stunning details. And thanks to the relationships that I’ve built with designers, I can help you customize your gown to make it totally you.

Don’t settle for a “sort of your dream” dress, an “I love it except the sleeves” dress, or a “looks great, except I can’t fully breathe” dress. Don’t compromise your values and pay top dollar for something mass-produced in a sweatshop. Trust that, together, we can create a look that feels good in your heart, on your body, and in the mirror.

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At your private consultation,  I will get real about what makes you feel most beautiful and most like yourself so together we can create a wedding look that you love.

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You’ll have the entire boutique to yourself for your exclusive appointment with shop owner Malinda Macari where you’ll discover which designers, fabrics, and styles are perfect for you.

Personal Wedding Appointments


Enjoy a comfortable, inclusive environment where you’ll be fully seen and heard. I welcome all nearly weds and celebrate love in all forms. I also take health precautions seriously.


You can trust that you’ll receive honest, informed opinions that help you find a dress that you’ll love as much today as you do on your wedding day.

“At Your Dream Bridal, I have been meeting with one bride-at-a-time since before it was Covid-cool. My commitment to inclusivity and slow fashion guide me in everything I do. The shop vibe is for those looking to create their own modern, sophisticated and elegant look. I wanted to create a wedding dress destination offering warmth and personal connection to everyone who walks through my door. By offering private appointments, and a curated collection of slow fashion wedding gowns, trust that, together, we can create a look that feels good in your heart, on your body, and in the mirror.

– Malinda, Owner

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Your Dream Bridal - small bridal boutique near Boston

I've been doing the one-bride-at-a-time thing since before it was Covid-cool. I'm not fancy, but I like fancy things. You can trust me to be real with you no matter what. My commitments to inclusivity and slow fashion guide me in everything I do. And, I believe that when you’re buying a dress that costs more than your ring, you should have the right to make it your own.

Love from Dream Brides

"My experience at Your Dream Bridal, with Malinda, was simply amazing."
Elise M
"I loved my experience at Your Dream Bridal. The private appointment was truly a game-changer!"
Eileen C.
"I am very detail-oriented and had a lot of questions about materials, differences in color, and Malinda was able to find out this information from the designer in real-time."
Jeanette M.