Accessorize Your Wedding Day Look

Strapless. Cap-sleeved. High-collar. Just a few necklines present in today’s bridal fashion, sitting comfortably next to an even wider array of wedding dress lengths, cuts, and shapes. Finding your dream bridal gown is a truly magical moment – but one that, of course, comes second to the day it is worn.

To complete the look, some brides may choose to accessorize as they would in everyday life (but, elevated – of course). Much like the style of gown, the options for jewelry can seem endless. Your bridal stylist could help you start visualizing jewelry on the day you find your dress.  This way you can see the whole look, and if you find a veil that same day as well, it will help ensure your entire wedding day look is what you always imagined.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of our favorite accessory types that pair well with three popular bridal necklines – the classic boat/bateau, a strapless sweetheart and a feminine v-neck. My advice to brides: keep things balanced! If you go bold in one area, keep it simple everywhere else. Otherwise, you run the risk of letting your accessories steal the show, rather than accentuate you in your beautiful gown.

Classic Boat Neckline

The classic lines of a boat/bateau neck are simple while undeniably flattering. A bateau neckline follows the natural curve of the collar bone and can be either a solid fabric or illusion such as lace. This neckline does provide more full coverage than others, so keep jewelry from the neck and above as simple as possible.  Heirloom designs play nicely, as they complement the timeless nature of the dress, while not being too flashy or attention-grabbing. A mid-length drop earring will elongate your neck, especially if you have chosen to tie your hair back off your shoulders. Or, forgo jewelry altogether and consider a delicate hair comb.

Sweetheart Neckline (strapless)

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the strapless gown. A fan favorite, giving brides a near blank canvas to experiment with accessories.  Consider jewelry pairings – a drop earring with a bangle bracelet, multi-strands of pearls or a bold pendant necklace, for instance. The sweetheart cut, in particular, gives a perfect shape for a necklace that comes to a point, further elongating the neck and chest, as it leaves the collar exposed. Choose something that falls a few inches above the top of the dress, leaving a bit of breathing room for each to have their moment. That being said, feel free to play with a bib design or options are endless; multi-strand necklaces, modern bib, simple pendant or even pearls go great with a strapless dress. A mid-length drop earring that frames your face will give way to a linear illusion towards the neck. Lastly, an embellished cuff may make the perfect statement if paired alongside simpler jewelry, like a small stud. Again – it’s all about balance!

Feminine V-Neck

Whether it’s a plunging neckline or a more modest cut, the V-neck has gained popularity for framing a woman’s figure oh so well. Embrace that natural shape and stay away from busy necklaces that could compete. Decorate your decolletage with a thin chain or ‘Y’ shaped drop necklace with a simple pendant or strand of pearls to further elongate the neckline. Otherwise, opt for a simple knot stud earring paired with a delicate bracelet or bangle set.

Source: Shine Bright, Bride: How to Accessorize Your Wedding Day Look – Seacoast Weddings 

Cover photo credit: Lindsay Hite Photography