Bridal Runway Trends | Seacoast Weddings 2016

By Malinda Macari, Owner of Your Dream Bridal

In an age when the pressure to throw an Instagram-worthy wedding grows daily, some brides are conflicted to choose between a traditional gown and a high-fashion look. What is amazing about bridal fashion is that the conventional white gown is no longer the only option. Tailored jumpsuits, inventive crop top, and skirt pairings and enchanting capes were showcased at Bridal Market this year and continue to make their presence known from couture to mainstream. Designers are constantly pushing the boundaries, giving brides even more flexibility to live out their personal style through designs that make them feel their most comfortable.

Separates & Two-Pieces

Most brides will find that bridal separates can offer them the flexibility to create a custom look without throwing away traditionalism completely. Not only can the wedding skirt be mixed and matched with various bodices, but also different fabrics, embellishments, and accessories. Of course, for church ceremonies, be cognizant of how much midriff skin is shown between pieces. Brides can easily satisfy dress codes by pairing the top piece with a fashionable collar, sleeved coverup or shawl. Recently, there have been more variations of two-piece styles – ranging from tailored, to effortless lace and chiffon.

Jumpsuits & Tailored Tuxedos

Jumpsuits give way to a world of versatility and make perfect sense for engagement parties, rehearsal dinners or wedding brunches. They also make a powerful statement when paired alongside a wedding with a non-traditional backdrop, like an art gallery, library, historic site or museum. For the mature woman and/or ‘encore brides’ that maybe marrying for a second or third time, a jumpsuit with a crisp, structured blazer spells sophistication and confidence. Sometimes available in neutral tones like off-white and cream, many of today’s bridal pantsuits are being designed with creative fabrics like crepe and linen that compliment the feminine figure beautifully.

Both jumpsuits and two-piece styles give the bride something most wedding dresses won’t: the ability to re-wear long after the wedding day has come and gone. Pair the jumpsuit with a colorful blazer or edgy leather bomber for a great evening ensemble. Re-wear the wedding dress skirt with a flowy blouse for a spring garden party. The versatility of these designs is something new brides are sure to embrace.


Much like superwoman’s bold sense of confidence when she wears her signature cape, brides are also embracing the idea of adding a cape to their bridal day ensemble. Adding in a bold touch to an otherwise classic gown, a cape can give brides an added layer of style, allowing her to transform her look throughout her wedding day. Similar to other cover-ups, capes can offer brides modest coverage for more religious ceremonies without having to sacrifice style. Like many unique bridal gown designs that incorporate floral embellishments or pops of color, many capes are following suit. Floor-length structured silk cape may be perfect for a city soiree, while cropped designs with light crepe and chiffon pair well with barn, beach and backyard venues.

For brides just starting the shopping process, it’s important to trust your bridal stylist completely. While your Pinterest board and magazine clippings can help your stylist grasp what your overall vision may be, remain open-minded throughout the process and welcome alternative styles into the fitting room.

Regardless of design, a great piece should make a bride feel like a bride. When you make the decision about what you’ll wear on your wedding day, just be sure it is something you feel you’re most beautiful in – no matter the style!

Source: The Art to Strutting Bridal Runway Trends in Real Life – Seacoast Weddings