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I am so excited to bring you another installment of the ‘inside the boutique’ series today. It’s been a while but we’re going behind-the-scenes with Malinda Macari of Your Dream Bridal

In January of 2015 Malinda opened shop just outside of Boston and already received an award from The Knot for delivering such quality service on par with Boston’s elite boutiques but without the cramped quarters or jaw-dropping price points. With a beautifully styled, oversized dressing room, brides and their guests get the entire salon all to themselves to browse with the owner. It’s a truly wonderful experience!

Malinda was kind enough to share some of her top tips and pieces of advice with us here today along with beautiful images of her Your Dream Bridal Salon.

What was the inspiration behind the interior styling & design of your boutique? 

Your Dream Bridal was designed to encourage the relaxing experience I hope every bride-to-be has inside the store – open, bright and comfortable, yet chic and organized. Some of my favorite features include mirrored doors salvaged from a late 1800’s Beacon Hill apartment, a luxurious dressing room with vintage furniture and feminine colors throughout – blush, ivory, grey, and gold for the rugs and soft blues as accents. I mixed modern with antique aesthetics, using local consignment and antique shops to source much of the decor. The metallic dark grey pipe rolling racks are one my greatest picks – they are visually consistent with the rest of the boutique and I can move them around as necessary to make room for larger events or to simply change the store’s flow.

What types of wedding dresses do you see trending with your brides right now? 

The overdone strapless, mermaid fitted gowns are on their way out. Brides still love lace and sparkle for texture but they want to feel comfortable and their most authentic self. Other trends are touches of gold, blush undertones, and floral embellishments. Many brides who appreciate a classic look are embracing belts, sashes, and cover-ups that offer them the flexibility to add something unique to a traditional design. I love to see brides’ imaginations as they try different designs, and how I can help them achieve that perfect look!

What are your 3 best pieces of advice for brides looking for their dresses?

Keep an open mind. So many brides automatically dismiss a dress on the hanger. A good stylist may select a design you may have otherwise ruled out that ends up being a pleasant surprise. You never know – it could be the one!

Bring the right support team! Your mom, your sister, your maid-of-honor—whoever it may be! Be sure to make the appointment when the key people you need to help you make a decision are available. Try to narrow it down to the opinions that matter most. [i.e. you might become overwhelmed if you bring that friend who talks too much.] Ultimately it’s your opinion that matters, so bring people who are supportive and know how to make you feel your best.

Finally, trust your gut and don’t be afraid to say “YES” to your dream dress! Sometimes I hear brides say, “I didn’t expect to find my dress today.” Of course, it’s a big decision, but if you’ve come into the store knowing your budget, knowing what you like (and don’t like), and you find a dress that you love—go with it! TV shows and movies often play up that brides will put on dress after dress to find “the one.” But trying on a ton of gowns at a ton of shops usually only complicates and exhausts the decision-making process.

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Source: Your Dream Bridal Salon | Burnett’s Boards – Wedding Inspiration