I did a private consultation appointment with Malinda and it was a great experience. I had never tried on dresses and didn’t have a good idea of what I wanted so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Malinda was welcoming and really tried to help me understand what I wanted in a dress. She did not pressure me and really gave me her full attention and dedication during the appointment, even coming up with custom options in my budget that combined what I liked about different dresses. Overall a great experience and I would recommend Malinda to anyone, no matter where you are in your dress search journey.

Martine D.

Malinda is exceptionally talented at what she does. Before coming to Your Dream Bridal, I had been to A LOT of wedding dress shops over the years for my own dress and as a guest with friends and family. Malinda was by far the most naturally talented at working with brides to ensure they love their dress / look on their big day. Her X-factor is that she is **extremely** solution-oriented and very good at actively problem solving. She’s also trustworthy, kind and passionate about her work. Your Dream Bridal is definitely worth a visit – best case you find your dream dress and worse case you get some amazing advice from an expert. Highly recommend!

Devon S.

Malinda, the shop owner, and stylist, really knows her stuff! I was a bride who did not have a clear vision of what my dream wedding dress would look like, but after speaking with me and taking her style quiz prior to my appointment, Malinda was able to pull out dresses that were just my taste. She even helped narrow down my decision by asking me thoughtful and concise questions that helped highlight what was most important to me. After just a single appointment and with Malinda’s expertise, I walked away purchasing a truly stunning and special wedding dress!

Molly B.

I am very detail-oriented and had a lot of questions about materials, differences in color, and Malinda was able to find out this information from the designer in real-time. Malinda’s great relationship with the designer also allowed me to make changes and customize my dream dress (after a big box retail store told me I could not customize the dress). Besides being super helpful and an all-around great person, Malinda’s shop itself is beautiful and fun to be in. I drove 3.5 hours from NYC to meet Malinda, and I would do it again in a minute!

Jeanette M.

I loved my experience at Your Dream Bridal. The private appointment was truly a game-changer! I felt so special, and Malinda was incredibly helpful. She made me feel so comfortable and listened to what I was looking for. She was also the only bridal consultant that gave me insight into how certain dresses would fall on my figure (shorter torso) – and a solution on how to accentuate the best parts of my figure. She was great. If you’re looking for a dress – you must go here!

Eileen C.

Your Dream Bridal was my second and last bridal salon experience. Malinda did an excellent job maximizing the hour long appointment we had and gave me the tough love I needed – if I didn’t immediately love the dress, we moved on. The best advice she gave me was to make sure I picked a dress that fit my body type. Even if I were to lose weight before the wedding (which I did end up doing!), I would be the same shape so pick the dress I loved today, not what I thought I might look good in, in the future. She also empowered me to make the dress choice for me, not for anyone else I brought along to the appointment. We landed on a dress that fit all the dress elements I wanted and was in my price budget. The day of the wedding, I felt absolutely gorgeous and comfortable. I’m recommending Your Dream Bridal to all my newly engaged friends and I hope you will visit too!

Grace G

My experience at Your Dream Bridal, with Malinda, was simply amazing. She opens the door to you, your friends, and your family, and was able to make my experience so much easier than I anticipated. She takes into consideration how you want to look, feel, and the vibe you want on your big day. She was prepared and reviewed my Pinterest board prior to arriving, to ensure she knew my “vision”. She was also able to handle my big rowdy crew, and really make the appointment about me, what I wanted, and what I pictured myself getting married in. I found my dream dress, and I am so so happy with the experience.

Elise M

Your Dream Bridal was amazing! Malinda was fabulous and made my dress buying experience perfect! This appointment was my first time trying on dresses, and after the visit I didn’t have to make anymore! I found my dream dress and can’t wait for the big day! Malinda helped me pick out dresses and gave awesome feedback and support, she really knows her stuff! Highly recommend for one of a kind experience!

Jenna Z

Your Dream Bridal is absolutely amazing. Walking in, Malinda creates a welcoming atmosphere that makes every bride feel unique. Malinda asked many questions to get a feel for my wedding and exactly what I was looking for. I loved her approach in helping me find the perfect dress. She provided me with different fabrics and looks for the top and bottom and truly listened to my feedback for each one. I felt like we were building my dream dress! Her knowledge for designers and fabrics is unbeatable. I am so happy with my experience at Your Dream Bridal and am in love with my dress. I highly recommend working with Malinda at Your Dream Bridal. It is a one of a kind experience!

Jamie J

Working with Malinda at Dream was…a dream. It was far and away the best dress shopping experience I had through the whole process. Other places I visited had harsh fluorescent lighting, required digging through racks to find dresses to try, and I didn’t feel like anyone I worked with really cared whether I found the right dress or not. Working with Malinda was the opposite. The space is lovely and she is so attentive, listening carefully to what you like and don’t like and coming up with awesome options to try. She has an incredible intuition—I fell in love with the first gown she had me try. We tried a bunch of others (and I even looked elsewhere in between) but nothing could top it. And overall, it was just such a fun and memorable experience for me and the group that came with me. I can’t wait to bring my friends when they are planning their weddings and watch Malinda work her magic to help them find the perfect dress!

Shami B

Your dream bridal is a truly unique bridal dress shopping experience. The shop is clean and inviting, and Malinda hand picks the most beautiful dresses. I told her I was looking for simple and classic, and she immediately understood what I was looking for and did not push me to want bling and beading like some of the other shops had. I went to several other local bridal shops as well, but returned to Malinda’s shop not only because I fell in love with her dress selection, but because the personalized experience made me feel special, and she is so welcoming, down-to-earth and kind. I would HIGHLY recommend shopping at Your Dream Bridal for your wedding dress. Malinda goes above and beyond to make each bride’s wedding dress shopping experience special. I was so thrilled with my dress, and I wouldn’t have found it anywhere else! Thank you!

Margaret L

My only regret is that there aren’t more stars to click. Malinda is freaking awesome! I’m a bride on a budget, with a limited income and had been drooling over her dresses and posts on Instagram. Since I knew she was out of my reach, I just sat longingly awaiting her sale….. And it did not disappoint! I had been to a few bridal shops but slowly felt like all the dresses were the same and everything felt BRIDAL and tired! I know that sounds weird since I am a bride after all, but my vision was for something unique. Malinda was a huge help, we exchanged a few emails about what I was looking for, her sample dresses were in pristine condition so I didn’t even hesitate on the quality, and she even offered a few alteration suggestions so my mom could be happy too. I would also like to note, I shopped by myself and felt zero pressure. I have a background in retail and can tell when someone is trying to sell, but Malinda was so easy going and really wanted me to be happy. I’m so thrilled I had the opportunity to support a local business owner and will be proud to wear my gown. Please go shop with Malinda!

Andrea C

I cannot rave enough about Malinda and the experience she provides to brides. She helped me navigate the process of finding ‘the one’ without overwhelming me and made it the best experience I could have asked for. If you want an intimate experience and expert advice come here. The craftsmanship in the gowns she selects are beautiful. They are truly works of art and special. She didn’t tempt me with any gowns outside of my price range and knows exactly what she has in stock. So as we narrowed my vision down easily pulled selections based on the direction I was going. I have a hard time making big decisions quickly, so she suggested we make a second appointment so I had time to process. It was just what I needed. When I came back two weeks later and tried my dress on I knew it was meant to be. This is what the bridal experience is supposed to be.

Megan D

I can not say enough good things about Malinda and Your Dream Bridal. My entire experience was just incredible. Prior to visiting Dream I must have tried on 50+ dresses and couldn’t seem to find exactly what I was looking for. I had consultants find something close and try to push me into loving a dress that wasn’t quite right. This was not the case at Dream. All the dresses were so beautiful and Malinda was able to ask all the right questions to help me express the elements I was really looking for in a dress. In the end Malinda was able to help me customize a dress to make it MY perfect dress! And all within my budget! As we were leaving I already had friends planning to go shopping for their own wedding dresses at Dream. Thank you so much Malinda!!

Lauren S

Malinda is absolutely amazing! She helped me find my dress for our wedding which was June 1st of this year. I had been looking at dresses online and fell in love with an Australian brand which is hard to find to try on here in the US. Out of sheer luck, she had some Australian dresses in store to try on! She is very detail oriented which I love. When I first scheduled my appointment, she asked me all about myself, my husband, my style, etc. I wasn’t expecting to find my dress the day we went in. With Malinda’s help and experience, I found the one! She is caring, thoughtful and knowledgeable. Plus her selection of dresses is out of this world! She has a variety of styles and designers at all times. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend your dream bridal to anyone looking for their wedding dress!

Olivia D

After I learned that 2 of my good friends (who don’t know each other) purchased their dresses at Dream I knew I definitely had to check it out. Dream was a huge breath of fresh air in an otherwise unenjoyable wedding dress search. From the moment we entered my family (which was so important) and I were greeted warmly and treated well. This memory is an experience for everyone involved and to have a beautiful space for the bride to change and the family to relax was very special. Malinda was respectful of budget and understands what a girl hopes for out of her wedding dress experience. She had the most variety of styles of dresses even though she physically had less dresses than other stores (not at bad thing at all, quite the contrary – quality over quantity!) and her styles were GORGEOUS. She also is incredibly helpful with customization of dresses. I have been even more impressed by Malinda’s personal touch even after the dress was chosen. She quickly responds to messages and offers continued advice and consultation for an anxious bride. I highly recommend her boutique, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.

Tiffany K