Truvelle 2020 Boston Launch

Truvelle 2020 is launching in Boston. This collection is all about standing together as women and celebrating each other. Founder & Designer Gaby got her start thanks to other women believing in her, and she remains grateful for all of you who have continued to do so ever since. Not only is the collection named after the boutique owners who were among the first to introduce Truvelle to brides worldwide, but some of the new cuts and designs were inspired by the collective voice of women who support Truvelle on the daily.

Gaby founded Truvelle on the basis of creating unconventional and effortless wedding gowns for the modern bride and, while her mission remains today, her designs have certainly evolved. Believe it or not, this is her first collection of all white dresses! Truvelle 2020 is all grown up, with textured crepe and abstract laces replacing young floral ones, and modern architectural bodices with cutouts and other fresh elements like drop sleeves take the stage. Embellished backless designs like pearl buttons, hand-placed lace and mesh inserts add a romantic edge to modest necklines and pretty, practical elements pockets (!!!). There is something for every bride in this new collection.

Be one of the first brides to say yes to a Truvelle dress the weekend of 9/27 and receive exclusive Truvelle swag!