Wedding Dress Shopping Myths

There are so many misconceptions about shopping for your wedding gown; you must bring an entourage, you must try on an exhaustive number to avoid missing out, you must spill over with emotion with ‘the one,’ you must wear ‘wedding white.’ Those beliefs are not only intimidating but also completely antiquated – there’s no rulebook you have to adhere to. Every bride’s journey is unique. After working with brides for 10+ years, I’m happy to bust a few of these myths to help you feel confident and enjoy this process to the fullest.

Wedding Dress Shopping Myth #1: You need to bring your entire bridal party and family with you

Truth: You’ll want to invite those closest to you, who will champion your instincts and support your vision – not try and influence your decisions. From best friends to grandparents and cousins, choose a small group of 3 people or less to accompany you, whose style and sensibility you admire. Keep things as intimate as possible so you have an opportunity to tap into your natural sense of each unique gown.

Wedding Dress Shopping Myth #2: You shouldn’t buy from the first shop you visit

Truth: If you’re struggling with the thought that you’ve only been to one store, or that you haven’t looked around for long enough, let that go. This isn’t a numbers game, but rather one driven by your true intuition. Your first shopping experience may be your only one if you’re fortunate enough to find your dream gown. Don’t force the process to be longer than it needs to be just because you may feel obligated to visit a laundry list of boutiques. You’ll likely come back to a vision of that one gown in your mind, comparing it to other gowns. Lead with your gut – when you feel your most confident and beautiful self,  you’ll know you’ve found your dream dress! It could be the first day you’ve shopped, and that’s wonderful.

Wedding Dress Shopping Myth #3: You will cry when you find “the” dress

Truth: Don’t let the “Say Yes to the Dress” marathons heighten unrealistic expectations for your wedding dress shopping experience. Not everyone cries when they find the dress and that’s okay! The entire process is deeply emotional and it might not hit you until you have a chance to sit back, breathe, and reflect on the entire process. Some brides have a quiet moment of peace when standing in front of the mirror, envisioning how their partner will see them. Others have a big, bold moment of enthusiasm, jumping for joy. Whatever your response, embrace your instincts and permit yourself to enjoy that moment in your way.

Wedding Dress Shopping Myth #4: Your wedding gown has to be classic and white

Truth: As you try different gowns, you’ll be able to focus on the style, fit, and fabric you like best – and that could be something a little less traditional. The beauty of bridal trends lies in the beholder – from pockets to jumpsuits, there are so many ways to incorporate your personality and style. Explore gowns in ivory with unique textures, champagne 3D floral appliques, or even blush ombre designs. You’ll be surprised how much those tiny varieties enhance a gown!

Wedding Dress Shopping Myth #5: Sample sale gowns are discards

Truth: Sample sales are used by boutiques to make room for new collections and to give clients an additional incentive to buy through deep discounts on past season gowns. When boutiques and wedding designers have sample sales it’s the perfect opportunity to be able to get your dream dress at a more reasonable price. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with a gown – you’ll just need to make alterations and get the dress cleaned on your own. A word to the wise: don’t use sample sales to try on dresses for the first time. Sample sales should be reserved for the brides that know exactly what they want.

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