What is a Private Bridal Appointment?

The Top 5 Reasons You Will Love a Private Bridal Appointment!!

When I decided to open Your Dream Bridal there were a few must-haves: focus 100% on bridal only, unique designers, dresses that are made sustainably, ethically, and local whenever possible, and a better bridal experience than what other Boston area bridal stores were offering. And that meant, a large open dressing room vs a closet, a large comfortable seating area for family and friends, with a cool three-way mirror, great lighting, dresses out in the open, and that every bride had the shop and my assistance all to themselves. That meant every appointment is private, the bride has the shop closed just for her. That means every bride that visits, their visit with me is initial, personal and I would work with them through the entire process. It’s more than just finding a dress, it’s about your having your special moment and feeling seen and heard. To have every bride, no matter who they are or who they love will always feel beautiful and like their true selves.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons I believe you will love our private bridal appointments.

Best Private Bridal appointments Boston

5. No other brides in the boutique.

Shopping with friends and family is what most brides look forward to. However, during this shopping trip, you will want to be the only one in the fitting room trying on gowns, and coming out to show everyone. Some stores that have several fitting rooms, and therefore several brides at a time, can create a community of brides celebrating their big day, but sometimes it can diminish the excitement for brides individually. For some wedding dress shopping was something that can make you nervous, and this can lead to comparing yourself to others in the shop in terms of how they looked vs you and can be discouraging in a time when you are supposed to feel beautiful.

Some shops talk about one-on-one shopping with a stylist, but it doesn’t mean you are the only bride in the store. Some shops have private rooms but you are still sharing a space or mirrors with other brides. And some shops have everyone in the same room you change in. I wanted to take Your Dream Bridal a step further than everyone else and give you and your guests the entire boutique during your appointment.

A large priavte open space for family and friends.

4. Bring guests and make it a party!

Speaking of, you and your guests get the entire space… bring GUESTS!! I encourage brides to choose who they bring wisely, too many people can cause a bride to feel overwhelmed and defeats the purpose of having a private appointment altogether. Bring people that will focus and celebrate you, the bride. I have plenty of room to accommodate 3-5 people comfortably. I always suggest making sure you bring those who really know you, will respect you, lift you up and be kind. This isn’t about bringing everyone because they will think it’s fun. It will be fun, but again too many guests can cause you, the bride, to not have fun. *Currently I am only allowing 1 guest with the bride per covid guidelines.

Personal Wedding Appointments

3. Zoom It!

Covid may have limited guests but it allowed me to install my cutting edge Zoom wall including a hi-tech camera with zoom. Every bride can now invite family & friends from the safety of their homes to be apart of this special moment. Your Dream Bridal private Zoom wedding dress appointments are nothing like any other bridal shops offer.

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2. Less rushed and stressed.

Each bride will have an hour and a half. I curate a selection of gowns for you to try. It’s not about trying every gown, it’s about trying the best ones! When you arrive we will chat and try on dresses you are drawn to and then revisit your favorites at the end. Finally, celebrate with say yes to the dress pictures.

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1. This is Your Dream Bridal!

My ONLY focus is you, the bride. When you book your appointment you fill out a questionnaire that tells me all about you, your wedding vision (or if you don’t have one that is ok), your favorite wedding dress looks, and any other important information about you. I do this to make sure your experience is focused on you and what you are looking for and to customize your experience and make it as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for reading!! I hope this gives you a better understanding of private bridal appointments at Your Dream Bridal! Can’t wait to meet you! xo, Malinda