Why There Is a Styling Fee.

Visting Your Dream Bridal and working with me is unique when it comes to wedding dress shopping. You are provided with the entire boutique and Malinda all to your self in order to take a guided, unpressured journey is learning about how to achieve your wedding dress vision. It’s more than just a regular bridal appointment, it a consultation. There is a $75 non-refundable styling fee for each bridal consultation (except ‘Let’s Celebrate’ reservations). This fee will be charged when the consultation is made (whether made online, via email or telephone). When you find and purchase your gown with me during your visit, it will be applied to the cost of your gown.

Here’s why…

  1. The Service
    When you visit my boutique, you are not just popping into a shop, browsing and leaving with a dress. You are booking a consultation and reserving time with myself, the owner of the shop, and having the entire shop open just to you. As a knowledgable and skilled stylist, I will gently guide you and advise you to find the wedding dress of your dreams made perfectly just for you.

    This valuable service is included with every dress purchase: every bride who purchases a gown has the styling fee taken from the price of the dress.

    Those who do not buy a gown have paid for the time and expertise they have received and will leave with a better understanding and knowledge of what they are looking for.

  2. Choice
    The selection of dresses you find in my boutique has been carefully chosen from thousands of designer dresses available each year. Each shop has its style and tastes which are reflected in that selection.

    At Dream, my gowns reflect a taste for sophisticated with a twist catering to a bride that is fun, timeless, contemporary, independent and unique.

    Unlike larger stores and online shops where you do the tedious browsing, the work has already been done or you when you visit – you’ll see the very best my designers have to offer, and I am here to help you choose the right wedding gown for you. Plus, I only work with designers that can custom a gown for my brides. This helps ensure you truly find a dress that was made just for you.

  3. Privacy
    My styling fee gives you privacy. My boutique is entirely yours for the duration of your consultation.

    Wedding dress shopping can be a sensitive time for many, so the calming, peaceful surroundings of a private bridal boutique can be a blessing when faced with the idea of fighting through packed dress racks, dressing rooms, trying on hundreds of dresses amidst the noise and stress of large mainstream shops.

    The only people present at your private consultation is me and the trusted people you choose.

  4. Reassurance
    Unlike the picture painted of bridal stylists in the media, I am not a judgemental, forceful salesperson (it’s just not me). I truly love helping brides discover what will make them feel excited and beautiful for their wedding day.

    I will hold your hand throughout, helping you to overcome any problems and advising with sensitivity, empathy and a level of skill that can only be found with truly understanding my brides.

    My number one goal is for you to feel happy and comfortable in your chosen dress. You won’t find this kind of service at your local large bridal store or online.

As always, please reach out to me with any questions! I look forward to meeting you and helping you find your dream dress! Xo, Malinda