Alena Leena

Alena Leena Bridal is a cross-continental operation with a creative studio in Cape Town and a top-quality professional team in Ukraine. Each dress is tailor-made with the option to customize to a bride’s specific requirements. These gowns are a mix of luxurious fabrics, unique designs, and fun details. Each gown is named after evokes the natural power of the flower that inspired its design. Available exclusively at Your Dream Bridal.


About Alyona Kostyk

Ever since I can remember, I’ve enjoyed making dresses. However, I always treated this passion of mine as a hobby rather than a career. Designing clothes felt so natural to me that I thought everybody could do it and I never thought I could make a living with that. That’s why I first got my degrees in computer engineering and clinical psychology, only to realize that fashion is the only industry that drives me.